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LPG in our life from Coral Gas

Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is one of the cheapest modern-day options for use as both a transport fuel and a heating fuel. While continually investing in new products and uses, and through its four facilities in Athens, Thessaloniki, Ioannina and Crete, Coral Gas has brought LPG into our daily lives with its trademark dependability, promoting safety, cost-savings and convenience.

LPG at home

A supply of LPG in a tank is one of the most modern and environmentally friendly forms of energy, with special advantages for any home. It offers autonomy and is suitable for central heating, cooking, on-demand hot water, gas fireplaces and even for heated pools.

It is also the perfect solution for holiday homes, particularly those in remote locations with no access to traditional forms of energy, offering the efficiency and flexibility of a new, alternative and environmentally friendly source of energy to meet every need.

For those who are interested in installing a tank, Coral Gas and its experienced and specially trained technical associates can provide a tailor-made solution to suit your space and needs, allowing you to have a tank placed quickly and safely and ensure the uninterrupted supply of LPG.


LPG in business

For any professional who needs a reliable source of energy that reduces operating costs while improving services and the way the business is run, liquefied petroleum gas is the ideal solution.

A typical example are hotels, which can dependably and economically use LPG to meet their diverse needs for central heating, cooking, hot water, heated pools and air conditioning.

Similarly, LPG has numerous applications in agriculture. For example, LPG provides immediate heat for livestock breeding facilities, helping to maintain the right temperature effectively and economically.

As one of the leading providers of LPG for professional use, Coral Gas can offer the necessary technical support and ensure uninterrupted and dependable supply for any business, while always making safety a priority.


LPG in industry

Manufacturing is by definition a sector with high energy needs.  Liquefied petroleum gas can provide the solution in this case as well. The use of Coral Gas LPG means great savings and lower maintenance costs, which help reduce regular operating expenses.


LPG for your car

Autogas is an excellent alternative for daily transport, offering numerous advantages.

Using LPG as a transport fuel can mean up to 40% savings compared to petrol, and the double fuel tank offers double autonomy. It also helps protect the environment by reducing pollutant emissions.

Any petrol-powered vehicle can be converted easily and relatively cheaply by having an LPG tank installed by a certified centre.

With its network of 300 service stations, Coral Gas can dependably and efficiently supply those who have opted to travel using the ideal fuel: liquefied petroleum gas.


LPG everywhere!

Anyone can now enjoy LPG and its unique advantages safely and without limitations, thanks to Coral Gas’ innovative GoGas cylinder.

Thanks to its modern design, the cylinder can be easily transported anywhere, and with just one click can be transformed into a cooking burner, a BBQ grill, a space heater, or a light source. This is all available for the first time with a special flow limiter safety valve (FLV), so you can enjoy a dual level of safety at all times. Thanks to its special protective mechanism, the new valve restricts the flow of gas in the event of an extensive leak, offering extra assurance to both household and professional consumers. This product represents a significant innovation, as it offers LPG users even greater safety and reliability.

Similarly, the new GoGas 5 kg cylinders provide convenience thanks to their unique ergonomic grip, and with just one step, they are ready for use in the home, for outdoor activities, or for camping.

Regardless of use, whether small- or large-scale, liquefied petroleum gas is synonymous with economy, autonomy, efficiency and convenience, and Coral Gas is here to offer you dependable solutions for all your needs.


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Gasoline price: 1.45 €/Lt, Gas price: 0.77 €/Lt *
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An average small car emits 120 grams of CO2
* Source: Παρατηρητήριο Τιμών Υγρών Καυσίμων Υπουργείου Ανάπτυξης, Ανταγωνιστικότητας, Υποδομών, Μεταφορών και Δικτύων