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New Legislation For LPG Tanks New Legislation For LPG Tanks

New Legislation For LPG Tanks

New Legislation For LPG Tanks

We inform you that, from 12/1/2021, new legislation is in force (Government Gazette 40 / 12-1-2021), which defines conditions and procedures for the purchase and receipt of LPG for commercial, industrial and craft use. The new legislation provides a series of obligations for the recipients of the product, to which they must comply by 12/4/2021. Attention: New submission deadline until 30/06/2021.  

In particular, for companies that receive and use bulk LPG in tanks, there is an obligation to submit to the competent local Customs, a series of documents (Article 5 of the Decision), with the following basic:

    1. Submit a responsible declaration as described in Article 5.1

    2. Certificate from a competent engineer regarding the capacity of your tank, the measuring instruments and its volumetric table.

    3. Certificate from a competent engineer for the hourly consumption of the boiler, or fixed engines or construction vehicles / machines (depending on what each company has). 

    4. Status of the company's commercial vehicles, with reference to the fuel they use.

    5. Keeping an electronic book of storage of LPG receipts (or alternatively, the accounting records of your company according to the ELP).

Our Company, to facilitate your faster compliance of your business with these new obligations:

  • He has compiled and made available to you, if you wish, a Model Volumetric Table for your tank.
  • It has a network of partner manufacturers / tank installers / engineers), with whom you can contact to assist you in the implementation of the above, if you wish.

 We urge you to take the time to learn about the new provisions. Coral Gas, always having as its main concern the service of its Customers, will be at your disposal for any clarification or additional information.  

  See below the text of the Decision as well as the two Interpretive Circulars issued by AADE.

Φ.Ε.Κ 40Β 12-01-2021

1st Interpretive Circular

2nd Interpretive Circular

New Government Gazette 1443 B 12-04-2021 Extension of Submission Deadline