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FLV cylinders

FLV cylinders

FLV cylinders


LPG cylinders with special FLV safety valve. FLV.

The Coral Gas liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinder is the only one in Greece with a special flow limiter safety valve (FLV), offering a dual level of safety.

Thanks to its special protective mechanism, the new valve restricts the flow of gas in the event of an extensive leak, or in the event the control knob becomes stuck in the “on” position, offering extra assurance to both household and professional consumers. This product represents a significant innovation, as it offers LPG users even greater safety and reliability.

For more information and ordering, phone 800 11 90 600 (toll-free from a landline).

FLV cylinder, 10 kg (mixture)

The burgundy Coral Gas cylinder for home use with the special FLV safety valve. Contents: LPG mixture. For use in: various household needs (cooking, BBQ, heating, and others)          


FLV cylinder, 13 kg and 25 kg (propane)

The grey Coral Gas propane cylinder, in 13 kg and 25 kg sizes, for professional use with the special FLV safety valve. Contents: Propane LPG. For professional use (cooking, patio heaters, and others).


Cylinders delivered to your home or business anywhere in Greece (Home Delivery programme)

The Coral Gas network of experienced associates will quickly and safely deliver your cylinder with just one phone call at 800 11 90 600 (toll-free from a landline).



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