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Cartridges & mini-GoGas

Cartridges & mini-GoGas

Cartridges & mini-GoGas

Coral Gas gas cartridges are unique.

The Coral Gas 190 g liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cartridges are filled under strictly controlled conditions with commercial butane to ensure low internal pressure during use. All of the raw materials used are of top-most quality and meet both Greek and European specifications. The cartridges also feature an internal leakage limiter (ILL) valve for additional safety.

Coral Gas exports 25% of its total cartridge production to 16 countries around the world.

The 190 g LPG cartridges can be used in the appropriate devices to quickly boil water for coffee or tea, or to provide a light source. They are commonly used both at home and at work, as well as in outdoor activities like camping.

Safety and reliability:

Coral Gas carries out thorough checks on quality and safety at all stages of production:

  • Each batch of butane cartridges comes with a certificate of compliance with specifications.
  • Strict procurement and inspection procedures are applied to all raw materials.
  • The production date and serial number are visible on all cartridges to ensure the products can be traced and located.
  • Cartridge weight is electronically checked, with automatic rejection of cartridges which do not meet specifications.
  • Cartridges undergo safety checks for leaks and mechanical integrity.