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BBQ Grills

BBQ Grills

BBQ Grills


Smart Grill


Turn your GoGas into a BBQ grill in just one step! Attach the special Smart Grill stainless steel plate with the non-stick surface for even grilling.  It’s light and portable. That makes it the ideal choice for cooking both at home and outdoor picnics or camping. The Smart Grill is easy to clean because it is dishwater-safe.


And that's not all: by adding another grate, the Smart Grill can be used as a cooking surface. You can cook with a frying pan, pot or pressure cooker, no matter where you are!




Use the non-stick XL grill plate (38 cm) to cook even more food!


Mini BBQ (Red, Grey)



- Light, portable BBQ appliance

- Ideal for camping, gardens or balconies!

- With aluminum grilling plate

- With special cover which can be used as a chopping board

- Can be used with 500gr cartridge or 5 kg cylinder

- Easy to transport

- Easy to clean

Garden Grill


 - Family-size BBQ set for the garden or for parties!

 - With XL 38cm non-stick griddle

 - EU Product

 - Easy to use and clean

 - Operates with 5kg Gogas cylinder, which is placed inside the metal tube