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Coral Gas for every home

Coral Gas for every home

Coral Gas for every home

The modern, economical solution.

A supply of bulk liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in a tank is one of the most modern and environmentally friendly forms of energy, with special advantages for any home.

By offering economy and autonomy, incorporating it in your homes improves your quality of life and provides a warm atmosphere quickly and easily.

As it is more economical than heating oil, LPG is ideal for central heating systems, cookers and gas fireplaces, hot water supply and even air conditioning or heated pools.

What’s more, it is the perfect solution for areas off the natural gas grid, allowing consumers to enjoy the power, the performance and the flexibility of a new, alternative and clean energy source to meet their every need.


  • Cooking

Liquefied petroleum gas is ideally suited to cooking as it provides a steady temperature and a heat source that is easy to control.


  • Heating and hot water

You can use LPG in your home to power your central heating system, your gas fireplace and to provide hot water.


  • Outdoor applications

Coral Gas LPG can be used outdoors as fuel for patio heaters, barbecues and heated swimming pools.


Coral Gas. The clean, reliable choice.

When you combine household heating LPG with Coral Gas service and reliability, then you have a unique fuel at your disposal that is superior in:



Coral Gas’ expertise springs from its extensive experience with LPG and its deep knowledge of the regulations and practices followed worldwide. Its experienced network of partners, under the control and guidance of the Technical Division, guarantees the safe installation, supply and maintenance of every LPG tank.



With the help of Coral Gas’ experienced and specially trained technical associates, you can select the type of tank (above-ground or underground), the capacity and location depending on the space and your needs so that the installation can take place easily and quickly. The basic prerequisites for installing an LPG tank include safe access and space for the tanker truck, and a minimum separation distance around the tank (at least 3 metres all around).


Service - Reliability

With the support of the Motor Oil Group, which operates one of the most state-of-the-art and flexible refineries in Europe, the uninterrupted supply of liquefied petroleum gas is assured. Delivery is made directly from the Coral Gas facilities with its fleet of tanker trucks, ensuring the right quality and quantity at each delivery.



The high energy output of the fuel resulting from its high calorific capacity, the high degree of combustion efficiency and the lower cost of maintenance translate into a significant savings in operating costs for any household.


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