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LPG Applications

LPG Applications

LPG Applications


As a hotel owner, you need a reliable source of energy for any number of uses, including central heating, cooking, hot water, heated pools and air conditioning. By using LPG from Coral Gas, you have a trustworthy source of energy, even in remote areas.

Heating and hot water
The steady supply of heating and hot water is critically important to ensuring your guests have an enjoyable stay, with heating and hot water on demand.

Perfectly prepared food is a major factor in the success of hotel catering. By using gas, you can offer your guests all of the advantages inherent in meals prepared using a fuel that offers a clean and easily controllable source of heat.

Air conditioning
New applications of LPG are being put to use more and more frequently. Coral Gas can be used as an alternative and reliable solution for running A/C units at great savings.

Swimming pools
Coral Gas is ideal for heating water in swimming pools and spas, even during the cold winter months.



Restaurants use LPG from Coral Gas because it offers safe, reliable, and high-quality energy.
Here are some of the reasons why chefs prefer Coral Gas LPG:

1. Speed
Produces heat immediately, without the need for pre-heating.
2. Control
The heat it produces responds immediately to your needs and gives you full control, while it also distributes heat to cookware better.
3. Cleanliness
It burns efficiently, without creating black smoke. It does not leave smudges on cookware, making it easier to clean.



Over the years, forklift trucks have evolved into flexible tools able meet the increasing demands of industry. More and more enterprises are now using LPG to fulfil their growing energy needs.

Suitable for moving sensitive products

As gas burns more cleanly, it is ideal for transporting sensitive products, such as foods.

Quiet operation

Forklifts that run on Coral Gas LPG help reduce noise levels associated with day-to-day operations and create a better work environment when used indoors.

Fast refuelling

Gas-powered forklifts can be refuelled quickly, ensuring their continuous operation.

Cost reduction

The use of Coral Gas LPG means great savings and lower maintenance costs, which help reduce regular operating expenses.

Efficient and available

Coral Gas LPG offers high energy value and can support the transfer of heavy loads. All world-class forklift manufacturers produce models that run on Coral Gas LPG.

Storage solutions

Coral Gas LPG can be stored in either above-ground or underground storage tanks, making storage more flexible.



Coral Gas LPG is used in many farming applications. It can be stored in bulk gas tanks and is available even in remote areas.



Liquid petroleum gas can provide heating on demand. This helps ensure an appropriate living environment for newly hatched chicks. The correct ambient temperature can be effectively maintained to help them grow faster.



Rapid response thermal radiation systems using gas provide piglets with the warmth they need and are well-suited for weaning equipment. They can also be used to heat production and fattening facilities and for supplying mobile pig-breeding units.



Gas is a clean fuel, with a lower likelihood of incomplete combustion, water penetration or fuel sediment. It can be used to power burners and reduce costs, while increasing your equipment’s life cycle.



Flaming has developed into a widely used technique for combating pests and disease. Bursts of propane generate high temperatures, with a cleaner, controlled flame aimed precisely where needed.




If you need generators to ensure electrical power availability in an emergency, ask about Coral Gas LPG.



The growing cost of waste disposal has led many professionals to incinerate their waste on-site. LPG-powered waste incinerators can be used by hotels, manufacturers, and others.